A Zboard 2 Blue Review

With the popularity of electric longboards skyrocketing, there is an influx of electric skateboards entering the marketplace. However, one skateboard that has been able to capture the attention of many on the market is the Zboard 2 Blue. This particular eskate has done a lot to differentiate itself on the marketplace offering a compelling assortment of design choices and features that make it one of the best offerings available. Below, we will be going over more in our Zboard 2 Blue review.

A Comprehensive Zboard 2 Blue Review:

1. Design

The design is where the Zboard 2 manages to really stand out. One of the best aspects of the Zboard is the fact that it’s design elements are merged with the actual function of the board itself. The deck design contains two sensors at the front and the rear. These sensors are directly connected to the motor and the battery which allows for the user to accelerate or decelerate by applying pressure either to the front or the rear of the board itself. It is even able to distinguish how much to accelerate or decelerate based on the level of pressure that is applied. Thus, to reach the highest speeds the board can offer, you would lean forward as much as possible. Whereas, if you want to stop, you would lean the opposite direction. This intuitive design choice makes it one of the easiest and most fun longboards to use.

2. Battery

The battery on an electric skateboard is another major component that can ‘make’ or ‘break’ the device. This particular battery provides great overall performance. Not only does the battery itself charge completely within 90 minutes, but it offers good daily performance as well. The battery is capable of taking you 16 miles which is typically going to be enough for a majority of people looking for eskateboards. If you are looking for longer distances, you could always utilize the semi-quick charging feature to ‘top up’ which only takes 90 minutes. Some of the other electric boards that you will find on the market take much longer.

3. Wheels

Another big factor that has to be considered when you are shopping for an electric skateboard would be the wheels. The Zboard 2 Blue features 90mm wheels which are going to be a great option for those that are looking to use the board as an ‘all-purpose’ board. Not only does it work well for those looking to cruise around, but it can be a great option for those looking for something to commute with. After all, the taller wheels allows for a much smoother ride in general. Therefore, you should be able to comfortably ride the board over sidewalks with cracks and smaller rocks without much issue. A lot of the other electric skateboards with similar features or designs typically offer smaller wheels which might offer the same (or better) acceleration, but they will lack in overall ride-ability and smoothness.

4. Comfort

Because the deck itself is fairly long and wide, it is going to be a good option for those that are beginners. The long and wide design of the deck makes it easy for those that might not necessarily have the best balance, to begin with. Having ample room allows for much more forgiveness with your balance and it gives you plenty of room to shift your feet. The length of the board is primarily due to its inclusion of a kick-tail which makes it easy to not only pick up and transport, but also to make some of the tightest turns. Also, the increased length makes it easier to achieve faster speeds with greater control. Overall, it is one of the more comfortable boards to ride on due to the smoothness of the ride and the wide and long base that the deck provides the rider. Another good design choice that leads to better usability and comfort is the built-in handles which allow for greater comfort while carrying and transporting the board.


1. Intuitive Controls

One of the best things that this board offers is hands-free and intuitive controls. With the onboard pressure sensors, you will be able to effectively control your board using nothing but your feet and applied pressure. This makes the board extremely intuitive and futuristic in a sense. It is truly the future of electronic skateboard riding.

2. High-Quality Design and Build

Another good thing about this board is it’s high-quality design and build. This is one of the better-designed boards on the market and it offers high-quality construction and build-quality making it feel like a premium skateboard that is built to last.

3. Portability

This particular electric skateboard offers built-in handles along with a wood grain finish making it easy and comfortable to transport.

4. Fast To Charge

Another good thing that this electronic skateboard offers is a very short charging cycle. This board is capable of fully charging within 90 minutes which is significantly shorter than a lot of the other electric skateboards that are on the market. This means that you will be able to charge the board up sooner allowing you to get back on the board when you need it the most.

5. Different Operation Modes

Another good thing about the board is that it offers different operation modes and speed locking wheels for maximum safety.


1. Expensive

This is easily one of the more expensive electric skateboards on the market. Because of the high-price associated with it, you will need to budget more than you would have to with other skateboards.

2. Learning Curve

While the onboard sensors make for much more intuitive controls, the learning curve is steeper than with other boards simply because you might not be used to it. Therefore, it will require more practice than some of the other boards available to choose from.

Conclusion – Is It Worth It?

This is an ideal option for those that are looking for an electric skateboard that offers extreme versatility with some of the most intuitive controls available. It is also for those that enjoy premium built quality and those that don’t mind paying the higher price associated with higher quality boards. While the learning curve will be greater than with other boards, it is likely to become much easier to use once you get familiar with the controls and how they work.