An In-Depth WINboard Panther Review

At the time WINboard was introducing their first of two products on the market (which included the Panther), they had amassed ample experience in designing electric skateboard parts. They specialized on creating motor hubs and boards, which they previously supplied to other electric skateboard manufacturers.

In this regard, they were not making trials and errors when they designed the Panther. All they had to do was to draw from their extensive experience, have a clear design philosophy and set out to manufacture the e-boards with the highest standards in mind for them to succeed.

And succeed they did. The panther has received rave reviews from users, especially among those who use their e-boards for commuting and long-distance travel. Depending on the battery options that one chooses, the WINboard can transport its users anywhere from 15 kilometers to 35 kilometers. As such, the 8-ply longboard is a workhorse to get you around and not a toy to play around with.

Herein we will explore the WINboard Panther in intricate details to give you an in-depth understanding of what you get with this board.

Specs And Features

#1. Dual 1500w HUB Motors – These motors allow the WINboard Panther to reach a top speed of 40km/h to 45km/h

#2. 8ply Maple deck – This deck features a concave build for a better and more comfortable ride. It is also the materials used give the deck a stiff feel for better stability performance during high-speed riding.

#3. 90mm Wheels –  It comes stock with a set of 76AAK 90mm wheels that are exceptionally capable of muffling vibrations.

#4. A 6.6AH or 10.5 AH Battery – The WINboard Panther can be expected to have a 6.6AH battery from Samsung with a 15km to 20 km range. There is also an extended range version featuring a 10.5AH Samsung battery ranging with a 30km to 35km range.

#5. Regenerative Braking System – The WINboard Panther comes with a regenerative braking system, which helps rider harvest energy and charges their batteries whilst braking.

#6. Multifunctional Remote Control – Unlike other e-board remote control, the WINboard Panther’s remote control does more than control acceleration and deceleration. It also has an LCD screen to display a wide variety of information regarding the current status of the board. For instance, on the screen, the board’s battery level, current speed, trip distance, total distance, and the 4-speed mode are displayed.

#7. Fast Charger – WINboard Panther comes with a fast charger only. This means it charges much faster than would be the case with other battery chargers. As such, it charges in as little as 3 hours.

Other features include IP 65 waterproof and swappable PU sleeves.

Riding Experience

Stability – The Panther excels at cruising on open roads. The vast majority of its riders are thrilled with the stability it accords them whilst cruising at speed on the open road. It also has a characteristic comfortable feel to it, yielding an elevated level of comfort. Furthermore, it carries this sense of comfort and stability even while users make big carves.

On the flip side, the WINboard Panther has proved to be less maneuverable than other e-boards on the market. With stock settings, the board is not as carvy as its major competitors.

Vibrations – Many of the Panther users have attested to the lower than normal vibration levels. The vast majority of Panther user reckon that it is one of the most comfortable boards to ride owing to muffled vibrations that the riders experience. This is despite the fact that the Panther has one of the stiffest boards on the market.

The muffled vibrations are due in part to the beefier construction. It weighs 17.5 pounds, making it quite stable and able to take on bumps and imperfections of the roads far more predictably. Furthermore, the Panther comes stock with large soft wheels. The large wheels are better capable of absorbing bumps as the forces are spread over a larger material. Finally, the soft raiser does play a role in the low levels of vibrations riders experience.

Acceleration And Braking Performances – As mentioned above, it comes with 4 modes – the L mode (with a top speed of 16km/h or 10mph), the M mode (with a top speed of 32km/h or 20mph), the H mode (with a top speed of 40kmh or 25mph), and the H+ mode (with a top speed of 40km/h or 25 mph, albeit with a more powerful acceleration).

The acceleration and deceleration function has been fine-tuned to be as smooth as possible, thereby negating the occurrence of any jolting. Riders get a smooth acceleration all through the speed range. This makes for smooth and predictable acceleration and braking, regardless of the speed you want to travel at.

The Good

The obvious benefit that the WINboard Panther has is the exceptional motor performance. The motor has ample performance to meet the needs of speed enthusiasts. With the dual 1500 W motors, riders can hit anywhere between 40km/h to 45km/h.

Depending on the battery pack you opt for, the WINboard Panther does have ample range to meet the needs of most e-board users. The larger battery pack – 10.5 AH battery – has ample power for a 30 to 35 km range.

Another benefit that the WINboard Panther has are the user-friendly mode. Whether you are a novice or an expert, this e-board has settings that meet your specific riding capability and needs. The L, M, H, and H+ mode makes it easy for new riders to keep pushing their riding capabilities.

The Bad

The main drawback is its less than stellar maneuverability. The WINboard Panther in its stock spec is not as maneuverable as many of its competitors. This can be a huge drawback when you have to move around tight corners around your town or city.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the WINboard Panther is an exceptionally crafted e-board. It features some of the most innovative designs with an overall design philosophy optimized for commuting. As such, if you are on the market for a commuting e-board and you do not mind a stiff deck, look no further than the WINboard Panther. However, if you prefer a deck with some give and more maneuverability, this is not the electric skateboard for you.