Review Of Metroboard’s 46″ Slim Stealth Edition

The Metroboard Slim Electric Longboard Stealth Edition is a unique addition to the market.

Its noticeable colors, wide-ranging power, and world-class durability make it a match made in heaven for longboarders everywhere. However, before offering praise, it’s time to dig deeper and start uncovering the pros and cons of this intriguing product.

Does it do enough to justify the price tag? Does it have the qualities a person wants from a modern longboard? Let’s take a look!

Key Features

  • 41″ Longboard Deck
  • Top Speed: 24 MPH
  • Robust Long Range Lithium battery (10/15/20/55 mile capacities)
  • Stylish Aluminum Battery Box
  • 97 MM or 83 MM High Rebound Wheels
  • Brushless Outrunner Motor (600 Watts of Power)


1) Tremendous Range

Let’s begin with the range because this is truly at the top of its class right now.

The biggest lithium battery is able to offer an absurd range of up to 55 miles and that’s exceptional by any measurement. Even among its competition, this longboard is able to stand out as a brilliant technological option with numerous bells and whistles.

Even if one were to choose the smaller batteries, the range is still exceptional when comparing power output to distance covered. By having this electric longboard, traveling long distances will become easier than ever before!

2) Stylish Design

What about the general build quality and design?

It is made of robust materials and isn’t going to break anytime soon. You can put it through a grinder and this will come out looking like a million bucks! However, the real benefit of this magnificent longboard has to be with its exterior design.

It looks impressive when it is out under the sunlight and that glistening body is truly a plus point.

The unique wheels and how they match with the rest of the body is what stands out as soon as you take a peek. There is real value in how it has been designed.

3) Easy to Use and Store

Despite being heavier in comparison to some of the other modern longboards, it is still able to offer tremendous positives in the form of storage options. You are able to quietly place it into a corner without having to fret.

Along with being easy to store, it is also easy to use.

Some longboards take a while to master and that can be a frustrating learning curve. However, this is a company that has gone the extra mile to make sure everything is balanced and in harmony with the various moving parts.

This enables riders to feel in control from the first time they hop on.

4) Quiet

This is an underrated and often ignored benefit that comes along with the Metroboard Slim Electric Longboard Stealth Edition.

This longboard has been designed in a manner where its motor is quiet. The motor never makes unnecessary noises and that can go a long way in having fun. As soon as a person starts riding, they will notice the longboard slip into the background.

Too many modern longboards come with loud motors that get in the way. Instead of this, you are able to enjoy the moment with this particular product. It has been designed well and it shows with these little benefits.

5) Quick Output

The output is what makes it such a breathtaking machine in the end.

You are looking at a real powerhouse that is not only beautiful to the naked eye but is majestic as it generates power from a standstill. One moment you are going to be at 0 MPH and another it will be going full tilt at 24 MPH.

The pick up associated with this longboard is second to none and remains a charming benefit any rider will enjoy as soon as they hop on. If the goal is to maximize power than this is a tremendous fit.


1) Challenging on Rough Terrain

It’s not all positive with regards to this longboard.

The company has poured a lot of time into understanding the nuances of a good product but it is still lacking in some instances. For example, if one were to go up a bumpy hill, it is a lot harder to cover longer distances as the clearance isn’t there.

This means you can feel the rocks under your feet and it can be quite annoying after a while.

If you are going to be riding in a rougher terrain than it is best to consider the way this longboard is presently designed.

2) Expensive

Just like any other aspect of a product, you want to make sure it is budget-friendly.

in this case, you are going to be paying a pretty penny to get your hands on the Metroboard Slim Electric Longboard Stealth Edition. It is an expensive longboard but that is something you are going to notice in the form of its quality.

Whether it’s the build quality or the way it performs on a day-to-day basis, everything about this longboard is excellent. You are buying a premium longboard and in some cases, it will be worth the price being paid.

3) Heavy

The final con has to be its heaviness.

Yes, this is a heavier longboard and that is going to be noticeable as soon as you start riding it. While the powerful motor is able to make up for this, it is still something that can get in the way of making sharp turns.

For those who prefer a lighter product, this isn’t going to be in line with your needs. It is heavier and far more grounded, which is nice for power but not as easy to perform tricks with.

Final Thoughts

The Metroboard Slim Electric Longboard Stealth Edition is a world-class solution and among the best in the business. Yes, it comes with a hefty price tag but everything about it is premium in terms of quality.

Whether it’s the power output, range, or aesthetics, you are getting the ultimate longboard with this product.

It’s a great buy!