The Inboard M1 Product Review

The year 2016 was one when the electric skateboards took center stage. The concept of powering these boards had been developed long before, but some of the companies in that field rolled out the first notable versions during that year. Individuals who wanted to enjoy their riding experience and did not mind paying several hundred dollars had plenty of options to pick from. From that point onwards, there has been no stopping for electronic stake boards, and the market is now full of impressive options.

This article will look at one model named the Inboard M1 and help you decide whether it is an excellent choice for you. Read on;


The Inboard M1 electric skateboard is developed by a company called Inboard. Inboard is a notable player in the electronic boards’ niche, and this particular model is a revolutionary one among many. This board has a wide variety of features and controls that helped it get the best cheap electric skateboard award a few years back. It comes with additional dual trucks both in front and behind to offer maximum protection. This board is a sleek and modern model, and it is notably suited to the experienced rider with plenty of experience.

Key Features

Easy Swap Battery

The standard range for this board is eleven kilometers, and this can be considered to be quite small compared to the others. However, the designers made it easy to swap the batteries; a feature Inboard call Powershift. This feature helps a lot since one can change the dead battery with a full one within a short time, even if you are waiting on the traffic lights. The change can be done by twisting a latch on the board surface and open up the cover plate and then remove the old and replace it with the full battery. This removes the limit on the range you would want to cover since it depends on the number of Powershift batteries you have within your inventory. You can buy as many as you want on Amazon.

Flight Approved

The main benefit of having a small battery is that you can take your board on an airplane even if it limits you on the range you can cover. If you are a frequent traveler and wish to use your board wherever you go, investing in this model is the best thing to do. The airplane regulations restrict carrying around devices with batteries that exceed the 100Wh rating and the 97Wh rating seen on the Inboard is below the threshold. However, this is not definite as flight regulations vary and ensure you check with your airlines before jumping into anything.

Integrated Components

One major concern that clouded the introduction of electric skateboards is how the parts would be integrated into the designs. The M1 has all of its electronic parts safely hidden away from the outside, and it is even hard to notice that it is an electric board. Having all these parts safely tucked away is not only good for the aesthetics, but it also ensures that the connections are not interfered with when riding.

LED lights

The M1 has two inbuilt LED lights that make it look fantastic. Two white ones at the front and two red ones at the back might not illuminate your path clearly when riding at night but they alert other motorists of your presence, something that is paramount to your safety.


The M1 comes with a mobile application that allows you to take control of your board better than before. It makes the board more than just a piece of wood with motors since you get to analyze and understand it using the application. The mobile app is called Inboard Vision and can be downloaded for Android and iOS devices. Using the app, you can check the battery level, switch the riding mode, turn the lights on and off and even use it as a controller in case you cannot find your remote control.


  • It is an excellent option for experts since it can get up to 24 Mph and has a stiff deck that improves the experience at high speeds.
  • The board’s wheels can rotate freely even when they are not powered, and you can ride it as a traditional board when the batteries are dead.
  • The motors are coated and laminated, making them water resistant. While you should not be worried about wet conditions, it is advisable to avoid water to prevent the wheel bearings from rusting.
  • The Powershift feature allows one to change batteries in case one dies easily.
  • It has a hub motor which is inside the wheel, and this makes it relatively quieter.
  • It has a unique RFLX remote control that can be held with the palm without worrying about dropping it.
  • The presence of LED lights makes it a safe option for riders.
  • The product comes with a one-year warranty depending on where you purchase it from.
  • The mobile app allows you to control it with your phone thus there is no need to carry the remote controller everywhere you go.
  • The deck is made of a wooden core and a composite overlay that makes it durable and flexible.
  • It has a regenerative braking system that increases the amount of charge when riding.


  • The mentioned range is not definite, and people who are heavier could experience as low as five miles ranges.
  • The hub motors mean that the board has less torque and this limits the power available when going uphill.
  • It has a small range compared to other electric boards in the market.


The M1 goes for $999 if you buy directly from Inboard.


Some of the notable features that characterize this board have been highlighted, and you are better poised to decide whether it is the right one for you or not. It has a host of advantages, and the disadvantages cannot be ignored as well. The limited range is a significant concern although the ability to swap the batteries compensates for that in some way. The price might be on the higher side but looking at what is offered, it can be argued that it is a fair reflection. You can use the board as an electric and regular longboard, and this is a huge plus. All in all, it is an impressive board and if you are not overly bothered by the price tag, consider it among your options.