Comprehensive Halo Board 2 Review

For a long time, electric skateboards were novelty items used by enthusiasts to show off and get around. E-boards, however, have evolved in sophistication and the technology incorporated into this personal transportation tools has grown in leaps and bounds.

With the standard quality and performance level expected of modern e-boards being so high, it is very hard for modern brands to stand out. They must offer something truly unique and have some serious performance advantage to wow the market. Well, Halo was able to do this with their Halo Board 2, popularly known as Halo Board Carbon Edition.

Its most stand-out feature is the carbon fiber body, which makes it among the lightest electric skateboards on the market.

Specs And Features

#1. Full Carbon Fiber Body – The second generation of Halo boards are made using T700 Carbon Fiber sourced from Japan. This material makes the Halo Board 2 a sturdy, hardy, and long-lasting board that will serve you for a long time. The 91 cm or 36 inches board can take an extreme amount of punishment quite easily owing to the advanced material used to make the body.

Moreover, T700 Carbon Fiber ensures that this e-board is one of the lightest e-boards in its class – a meager 14 pounds. Other e-board manufacturers make the deck out of bamboos and engineered wood which are characteristically heavy. And despite shedding off the weight, this board is rated as being capable of supporting riders weighing up to 286 pounds.

#2. 7AH LG Li-Ion Battery – Halo Board 2 comes with a massive 7AH battery that is fire-safe certified. The fire-safe certified are designed to increase the safety of the batteries, negating the possibility of spontaneous batteries occurring as has been the with some Li-ion batteries.

However, it is not all about safety when it comes to this battery pack. With a range of up to 14 miles on a single charge, it does pack stellar performance. Furthermore, it takes a relatively small amount of time to charge fully. In 3-hours’ time, you can charge your Halo Board 2 battery fully.

#3. 3000W Dual Motor –  This board comes with a 3000W dual-motor design. The motor system comes with a huge amount of torque, allowing to climb a hill grade of up 25 degrees with exceptional ease. Importantly, the power motors are able to sustain speed and acceleration even whilst riding up a hill.

With regards to speed, the Halo Board 2 is easily among the top-rated electric boards when it comes to speed. It can reach a top speed of 22mph. The combination of torque and speed generated by motors allows riders to navigate very many places that other e-boards cannot venture.

The motors retain the silky smoothness under free-role. It is typical for some e-boards to have jittery and sticky feel under free-roll. However, Halo Board 2 is very smooth. In fact, it is among the easiest e-board to push when the battery dies.

Finally, the motors are very silent. This is a good thing if the typical electric spooling that typical electric motors have tends to wind you up.

#4. Regenerative Brakes – The Halo Board 2 comes with regenerative brakes. As you brake, the motors turn the stopping power to produce an electric charge that tops up your battery levels. This increases the overall amount of charge you have in your battery, further extending your range.

#5. Torque Management –  With such a massive pair of motors, attaining a smooth ride might difficult for those with jittery fingers. However, Halo Board has included their Torque management algorithm as part of the device acceleration controls. This allows riders of all skill levels and experience to experience silky smooth rides at all speed regimes.

#6. Carry Handle – This is not an insignificant design feature. Carrying a 91cm board can prove to be a daunting task, given the bulky nature and somewhat awkward shape. The carry handle enables riders to carry their board with a lot more ease and convenience when they are not riding.

Other notable features to include 83mm wheels, a 68.5 cm or 27-inch wheelbase, advanced aluminum trucks, and a secure and ergonomic Bluetooth Halo remote.

The Good

There are plenty of good things to rave about when talking about the Halo Board Carbon Edition. For starters, it has an impeccable build. The Halo Board 2 uses carbon fiber, giving it a robust build and hardy nature. Furthermore, the carbon fiber is undeniably great looking.

Another noteworthy benefit to keep in mind is its exceptional performance. With a top speed of 22 mph, you cannot complain of going slow. It also packs a lot of torque owing to its massive motors. Consequently, hill climbing becomes another mundane task for riders.

The ergonomic remote control is also another benefit to have in mind. Halo Board is renowned for designing functional and ergonomic remote controls. This is no different; it is easily among the best remote controls you can use.

The Bad

It is expensive. Given the use of advanced materials and high-end motors, this is not unexpected. Halo Board 2 is easily among the most expensive boards on the market. That being said, there are plenty of offers going around for this board. As such, you can hunt and around and pay well below the stock price of about $1,500.

It’s not all good when it comes to carbon fiber decks. They tend to be very stiff, and the Halo Board 2 is very stiff. This may affect its maneuverability among some riders that rely on the deck flexing to get the perfect carve.

Other noteworthy things you may not like about this e-board is the inability to swap the battery. It is also very slippery on the parts without grip tape.

The Bottom Line

The Halo Board 2 packs high-end specs for the ultimate e-board riding experience. Between the lightweight construction, powerful motors, enormous torque, and excellent coating, you are bound to enjoy your rides whether you are commuting to school or work or you are just moving around campus. That being said, you must first and foremost overcome stiff deck and its extremely high price tag.