Evolve Bamboo GT Series Street Edition

The Evolve Bamboo GT Series Street Edition is a skateboard that is unlike any other that is currently available on the market. It’s unique features set it apart from the rest and make it an item that is desired across the world. In case you have never heard of this or you are not very familiar with it, here is an idea of what can be expected if you decide to buy this product.


When this skateboard is charged, you will be able to ride for 21 miles without interruption as long as you are on the street. Alternatively, it will operate for 12 miles in an all-terrain area. There are some variations and this is based on factors like riding style and the weight of the person who is using it.


One thing that sets this apart is the fact that you can reach speeds of up to 26 miles per hour. There are slight differences depending on the type of terrain you are riding on, but not something so variable that it makes a huge difference when operating it. In fact, the margin between the top speed on the street and that in heavy terrain is just 1 mph.

There are four different speed options available on this board model, so you can use the one that you are most comfortable with.


There is an included charger when buying the Evolve Bamboo GT Series Street Edition and it takes 4-5 hours for it to reach its power capacity. There is a speedy charger available for an extra charge. This one can replenish the battery in as little as 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Maximum Load

Unfortunately, every board out there has a weight limit and this one is no exception. The maximum load is 220 pounds. This does not mean that it will break immediately if someone larger than that uses it, but it can cause operational issues and there is a chance someone may be hurt. It is wise to adhere to this instead of placing the board or the rider at risk.


Depending on whether this will be used in the street or an all-terrain environment, the weight has a variable as well. It can register anywhere from 17 pounds to 22 pounds. There are many boards out there that are larger and smaller; this one sits within a moderate range.

Remote Control

The remote control for this advice is something of a wonder. Instead of being offered a standard remote, this one is fitted with an LCD screen. This will provide you with a way to track diagnostics, distance, and speed. It is easy to use and programmable. With that said, it is a bit larger than many remotes that are offered to riders of electric skateboards.

Pros And Cons

Before heading out to buy a product, it is a good idea to get some insight into the good and bad things that can be expected. Here is a list of pros and cons. Consider all of these points before you decide to head out and make a purchase.


  • There are four different speed settings on this board, so they can be adjusted depending on your skill level. Whether someone is highly advanced or they are just getting started, this skateboard will accommodate them.
  • The deck is 38 inches long. Having a longboard makes it easier to do tricks. This also helps accommodate people that have a larger shoe size.
  • The price is somewhat steep, but the quality offered for the price make this a worthwhile purchase. While some people balked at the price tag originally, they were eventually fine with this since they saw it was worth the cost.
  • The wheels can be swapped out. The company will not change them for you prior to purchase, but this is definitely an option later.
  • This board can hold someone that weighs as much as 250 pounds. It is a bit flexible, so it is more forgiving than other models by the same manufacturer.


  • You can change the wheels on this board, but this is not a simple process. Some riders were so frustrated that they ended up abandoning the task and using the wheels that were included with their purchase.
  • This board is not waterproof, so you will not be able to ride it in inclement weather. In addition, there is no carrying case included either, so there will not be a way to protect it from the elements.
  • If you have a child that is into boarding, they may not be able to use this. On the higher speeds, it can be a little dangerous. If you purchase this for yourself, you may have to get another for your little, which means added expenses.
  • Because there is a high wattage lithium battery, you may encounter some issues if you try transporting this in an airplane. In fact, you may be asked to look for another way to get what you need.
  • This is supposed to work on all terrains, but people had difficulty when it came to areas that were not completely smooth.

As you can tell, this board has many benefits. From being able to accommodate larger riders to allowing people to customize the speed to meet their skill level, it certainly provides everyone with options they will be satisfied. If you are being frugal, this is probably not something that you want to have on your wish list. With that said, the large price is justified considering the number of benefits.

The idea is to be objective when making a purchase and weigh all of the good and bad information prior to spending any money. While it may take some time to sift through all of this, the fact that you will be able to move forward while making an informed decision will make this entire process worth all the effort.