The Atom Electric H16D Carbon Longboard Review

Technological advancements have affected the production of various commodities, and significant improvements are being seen in how most of the new things turn out. Skateboards are popular items, and the rise of electric longboards brought about better and improved models that enhance the skating experience. Today, you will come across different brands of these electric longboards with varying features and it can be overwhelming trying to pick out the best one. When these boards were made electronic, the long boards turned out to be more practical since they are wider and enable one to travel for longer.

This article will review one notable electric longboard dubbed the Atom electric H16D carbon and help you decide whether it is a good fit or not. Read on;


The Atom electric H16D is a light carbon longboard that is built for durability and comfort. All its electronic parts are safely covered under the board, and two hub motors with 700W ratings power it. These motors are not visible as they are enclosed in the rear wheels. One surprising thing about this board is that it is hard to notice that it is an electronic longboard by just looking at it. There is nothing electronic about it from the outside, and it looks like any other longboard.

This board has been built using technology that allows for enhanced acceleration and braking. One can achieve impressive acceleration and braking quietly while the regenerative braking means that you power the battery by doing it, something that makes it able to stay powered for long.

On paper, the longboard is tipped to attain top speeds of 32kph and can span for over a range of about 20 kilometers. Note that these ranges and figures are not definite since they greatly vary depending on other factors such as the rider’s mass and environmental factors among others. When you are riding and suddenly run out of power, you can comfortably kick ride it like the other manual skateboards till you get home. Once you get to a charging station, you need to charge it for two hours for the batteries to be full.

What Are The Key Features?

Carbon Deck

When longboards were introduced, one of the pressing concerns was that of their weight. Their long and wide nature meant that they were heavy and thus made it hard for one to ride efficiently. However, the atom electronic board has a carbon deck which is one of its key features. The advantage of carbon fiber over the standard bamboo decks is that this material is very light and strong at the same time. Since it is an electric longboard, several things such as the motors and batteries get added to it, and it is only reasonable that the deck is as light as possible while still offering the best protection. You can also comfortably carry it around when you are not riding it. The downside of the carbon decks is that the board is very rigid and when riding on uneven road surfaces, you get to feel all the inconsistencies as the board cannot absorb them. However, this rigidity is good for stability especially at higher speeds. It also allows one to negotiate sharp corners at high speeds.

Compact Circuits

Another major concern over these electric longboards is how to integrate the electronic components. One notable feature of the H16D is that all the electronics have been incorporated into the board and they are not exposed to the environment. This makes the deck modern and amazing at the same time. The modern-day technology and embedded designs enable these electronic components to be compacted and fitted into the deck while still allowing it to remain thin and simple.

Double Motors

The atom H16D has dual hub motors in each of the rear wheels. These are what enable it to attain top speeds of 32kph and ascents are no big deal for this board. However, steep ascents can begin to take a toll on the motors, and you will be required to support them with kicks. The motors are simple and require very little maintenance, unlike other conventional ones.

Riding Modes

Atom has designed four riding modes for this longboard. This is a good thing since you can decide how you want to ride it. The Eco mode is designed for long rides that are not really about the speed and all that. The pro mode is the high-intensity one that allows one to get crazy with the speeds.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Atom electric H16D goes for $699.95 if you buy directly from Atom.

What Are the Advantages?

  • The light and compact hub motors make them an ideal option for riders.
  • The board has no belts and gears attached to the motor hubs, things that make them very low maintenance.
  • The compact design enables one to feel the original longboard feeling but with enhanced power thanks to the integrated components and carbon deck.
  • Regenerative braking improves the design and makes this longboard a futuristic one since the braking action charges the battery and helps you to ride for more extended periods.
  • The longboard uses the best lithium-ion batteries available that offer safety and reliability.
  • The board has a battery level indicator that keeps you informed of the levels to avoid you being caught out.
  • The board has an ergonomic remote control that gives you better control of the board.
  • The board has a USB charging port that enables you to charge it from anywhere.

What Are the Disadvantages?

  • The remote control uses AAA batteries which is an obsolete thing.
  • The board is water resistant but not waterproof, something that raises issues when riding in wet conditions.
  • The rigid deck makes it uncomfortable riding on uneven surfaces at low speeds.


The Atom electric H16 carbon longboard has been seen to have a plethora of amazing features. It is suitable for anyone who wants to enjoy their riding experience without polluting the environment. It gives the best of both worlds as it offers both speed and impressive ranges. By purchasing it, you get a fairly impressive distance per charge. It has a few downsides but they are overshadowed by everything good it offers, and I would recommend it as a good buy.