Name Blink S2 Riptide R1 Boosted Mini S Swagskate Spectra Advanced LOU Board 2.0
Price $749 $599 $749 $799 $790
Length 31.5 in. 31 in. 29.5 in. 19.4 in. 25 in.
Weight 15 lbs. 13 lbs. 15 lbs. 12.5 lbs. 9.5 lbs.
Top Speed 18 mph 18 mph 18 mph 15 mph 17 mph
Max Range 14 miles 7 miles 7 miles 12.4 miles 9 miles
Hill Grade 20% 20% 15%
Max Rider Weight 250 lbs. 275 lbs. 187 lbs.
Charge Time 90 mins. 75 mins. 3.5 hrs. 90-120 mins. 120 mins.

Blink S2

Acton Blink S2

Acton is one of the fan favorite electronic skateboard companies around right now. They sell top quality boards that lean towards the portable/practical side of the spectrum. For the exception of their QU4TRO series, Acton focuses primarily on smaller boards built for getting around. Making them perfect for students and other commuter centric audiences.

The Blink S2 has a slightly cheaper counter part – the Blink SR – which is both less powerful and more portable (i.e smaller and lighter). Which is perfect for those of you who don’t care so much about riding all day and just want to be able to get from point A to B reliably.

Either way, you’re getting an eBoard that has been withstood the test of time. There is a reason Acton is going stronger than ever and that reason is because they make damn good skateboards.

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Riptide R1

Riptide R1

The Riptide R1 is the everyman short electric skateboard. With the power and ride comfort of a battery powered longboard, and the convenience of a short and lightweight mini eboard – there are little to no compromises to be made.

One of the few problems with riding short boards is that the stiffness inherent in their design can make it a pain in the ass (and legs) to ride for extended periods. That’s not the case for the R1. Their choice to go with belt-driven motors allows them the room to equip each board with Urethan wheels which dampen the ruckus of riding over rougher terrain.

Making this R1 not just one of the most powerful short boards out right now, but also one of the most comfortable.

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Boosted Mini S

Ah, yes! The top of the line Boosted experience strikes again. It’s not a secret that these guys make incredible products. Which is why it’s no surprise to a lot of you reading this to find the Boosted Mini S on the list of the top electric mini boards.

The real question is: why is the Mini S so low on the list?

Honestly, it all boils down to the value that Boosted provides.

Yes, they make damn near perfect powered boards. But the competition isn’t as pathetic as they once were. There are other companies out there that offer comparable products at a reduced price. Making the “Boosted tax” of paying more for “better quality just not as practical anymore.

Still, if you want an mini electronic skateboard that’s built to last and can handle your short daily commutes in style. And you don’t care about paying a bit more for the quintisential electric skateboarding experience – then the Boosted Mini S is for you. Hell, you might even want to check out the Mini X if you’re a real baller 🙂

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Swagskate Spectra Advanced

Technically a “Penny board” – Swagboard’s Swagskate Spectra Advanced is the shortest auto skateboard on the list. Powered by a patented AI technology that adjusts to your riding style, it is also the smartest powered skateboard on the list.

Bells and whistles aside, the Spectra also has some pretty dope specs. Boasting a ridiculous 12.4 mile range on each charge it nearly doubles the capabilities of it’s competitors.

It’s top speed is a bit underwhelming, though. Coming in at just 15 mph.

The Swagskate Spectra still has enough of an edge to make it a short board worth considering.

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LOU Board 2.0

LOU 2.0

I’m going to be uncharacteristically biased for a second – the LOU board is one of my favorite electric skateboards out right now. Point blank.

There’s something that I find almost irresistible about the way this shortboard is built. With it’s hidden battery and motor – it could pass for an ordinary mini skateboard any day of the week. On top of that built-in sleekness, each LOU Board has the option to be customized more to your particular style.

I’m personally an all black type of guy. So I’m set with the default deck all LOU Boards come with. But if you want to go ahead and spice things up a bit with some different colors, you can do that.

And if you go with the 2nd generation edition, you can get a board that keeps up with all the rest at a somewhat acceptable price.

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