Top 10 EBoards of 2018

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Board Boosted Plus Evolve GT Street Halo Board Inboard M1 ZBoard 2 Blue LOU Board 3.0 Enertion Raptor 2 Metroboard Slim Atom H16 D Winboard Panther
Price $1399 $1499 $897 $999 $1299 $999 $1546.20 $1199 $699 $749
Max Speed 22mph 26mph 22mph 22mph 22mph 21mph 30mph 24mph 20mph 25mph
Range 14 miles 21 miles 12 miles 7 miles per battery 16 miles 15 miles 24 miles 15 miles 12 miles 20 miles
Hill Grade 25% 25% 25% 15% n/a 15% 30% 15% 15% 25%
Weight 17lbs 17lbs 14lbs 14.5lbs 17lbs 12lbs 25lbs 16.6lbs 13lbs 17.5lbs
Charge Time 1.45hrs 4 – 5hrs 3hrs 1.5hrs 2.5hrs 2hrs 2hrs 1-3hrs 2hrs 3hrs

Boosted Plus

Boosted has been running the electric skateboarding scene for a while now. With their 2nd iteration of the Boosted Plus, they reminded everyone why they’re at the top. This board is pretty much everything you could reasonably want out of a powered board. Besides the steep(ish)price tag, there aren’t many negatives we can say about this beauty. Hence the #1 placement on our list.

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Evolve GT Street

Evolve’s GT Street is the slightly bloated step-child of the Boosted Plus. It’s faster and rides longer. But the price is even higher than the already pricey Boosted and the charge time is an unparalleled 4 – 5 hours. Making it the board with the longest charge time in our top 10 list. Honestly, this board is probably too much too handle for most people looking for a casual ride.

The only reason it’s on the list is because it’s great performance is only slightly overshadowed by it’s $1,499 price tag.

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Halo Board

The Halo Board is in a really good sweet spot when it comes to performance, comfort, and affordability. It will get you where you want to go with style and a smile on your face. The board’s carbon fiber composition gives it a premium feel and ride. While keeping the price down below that dreaded $1k mark.

Consider this one if you’re new to electric boards and want something to comfortably get started with.

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Inboard M1

The M1 is one of those rare boards that has been in the spotlight pretty much since inception. A whopping $500,000 was invested by customers-to-be on Kickstarter and the owners were featured on Shark Tank before the company really took off. Since then, Inboard has made it a point not just to compete with the big boys of the Electric Skateboarding industry, but to join them in the inner circle.

The M1 has everything you could want from an eboard and is constantly improving it’s hardware and software to keep their product competitive. Besides the low range of it’s (interchangeable) batteries, this longboard is one to seriously consider.

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ZBoard 2 Blue

The ZBoard is honestly one of my personal favorites on this list. The reason it’s riding subtly by in the middle of the pack and not somewhere in the front, is because it’s foot paddles aren’t for everyone. Most people looking into electric skateboards are expecting the whole hand-controller deal. So throwing you a curve ball like this right of the bat would probably cause a little vertigo.

BUT.. If you’re open to the idea of controlling your that new beast under your legs strictly with your feet, then you have to give this board a shot. It’s seriously a hell of  a lot of fun.

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LOU Board 3.0

The LOU Board is the little rascal of the group. This thing can do just about anything it’s bigger compadres can in a much smaller package. With a more modern hipster vibe, this board could be perfect for you if you’re looking for reliable transportation that makes a statement.

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Enertion Raptor 2

Enertion’s Raptor 2 is hands down one of the (if not THE) most powerful electronic skateboards on the market right now. This bad boy does one thing exceptionally well and does not compromise one bit to make that happen. It’s performance is pretty much unparalleled and they have a 110% “Insane Performance” Guarantee to back it up.

Because of the heavy duty hardware being used to power this beast, there is definitely more bulk than other boards on this list. But with the highest range of any board as well, chances are you won’t have to carry this thing around anywhere unless you’re indoors and you’ve made it to your destination.

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Metroboard Slim Stealth

The Metroboard Slim Stealth Edition is one of those boards that we personally aren’t too excited about. It’s a great board, just like the rest but there isn’t anything that really sets it apart from the competition. It’s top speed is slightly above the average and they also give you the option of choosing which battery package you want on your board depending on your range requirements. The cheapest version should be enough for most people looking to get an eboard but their most powerful battery boasts a ridiculous 55 mile range in case you have a terrible commute to accommodate for are just in the mood to do some exploring of your own.

Besides that the Metroboard Slim is a reliable board that doesn’t have much to disqualify it but also doesn’t really provide any incentive to choose it over it’s competitors. So unless, you’re already thinking about buying one because the particular style meets your fancy, we don’t really recommend it all that highly.

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Atom H16D

The Atom H16D is a lot like the Metroboard in that it doesn’t really have that much going for it to set it apart from other boards. It’s a well performing, high-quality longboard that will get you from place to place in style. The one are that it does shine in is the price. At $699 it sits well below that 1k mark and still delivers a commendable ride.

The sleek look is also something we can’t help but appreciate, but that’s more of a subjective opinion. If you want an electric skateboard of high-quality that’s not going to break the bank, then the Atom H16D is one to consider.

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Winboard Panther

The Winboard Panther is the newest addition to our Top 10 list and it’s quickly becoming one of our favorites. This thing is built like a premium board and is being sold at borderline budget numbers. The only reason it’s not higher on our list (YET) is because the manufacturer is not as reputable as the others and we haven’t put the board through it’s paces to see if the quality compares to the other boards on this list.

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Things To Consider Before Buying Your First Electric Skateboard


It might seem obvious, but the first thing you should consider before buying an e-board is what you plan on using it for. Will this primarily be a method of transportation for you? A way to commute to and from work/school that allows you to have a little fun on the side. Maybe you want something more challenging that you can master over time as a hobby. Or something to ride on solid ground that complements your passion for snowboarding and surfing. Maybe the board you’re looking for isn’t even for you. Instead it’s a gift for your kid or a significant other.

Whatever your situation, make sure to keep it mind when choosing which board to go with because all electric skateboards are NOT created equal. You want something that’s going to scratch that particular itch that’s motivating you to be here in the first place. That’s the surest way to make a decision you’ll be happy with for years to come.

Here’s a list of some of the most common reasons our readers research Electric Skateboards along with the best attributes to be on the look out for and our top recommendation for that category to help guide you on your path:

  • Comfortable Ride
  • Reliable
  • Ample Range
  • Decent Speed for navigating traffic safely

  • Tough
  • Adaptable
  • Consistent Power
  • Hill Climbing

  • 360° Motion
  • Foothold Control
  • Shredding Capabilities

  • Will it keep a smile on your face?

  • Quality Materials
  • Proper Size
  • Easy to Control


  • Connectivity:
  • Deck:
  • Wheels:
  • Battery:
  • Motor:


  • Riding Modes:
  • Hill Climbing Ability:
  • Braking:

Customer Service

  • Warranty:
  • Refund Policy:
  • Guarantee:
  • Points of Contact: